About Me

Hi! My name is Michael Yap and I am a web developer with 8 years of experience who specializes in front-end engineering in the past 5 years, hailing from the Philippines.

Work Experience

Over the past 8 years working both as a freelance and full-time developer, I am grateful to be given opportunity to grow in my career as a part of these amazing companies:

With these companies, I was given the opportunity to be a part of development teams to provide services for local and international companies and from small to large corporations. My portfolio consists of projects which spans to simple corporate websites, animation heavy websites, Wordpress theme development, CMS front-end development, single page applications(SPAs), and cross-platform mobile application development.

In the past 2 years of my career, I was promoted as the a team lead of the front-end development team at NuWorks. It was greatly humbling and indeed, the most challenging task of my career thus far. While I was still responsible being a front-end developer, I was given the privilege of making sure that the front-end team was able to integrate well into NuWorks tech team’s development process as a whole and providing intentional guidance and mentorship to other front-end developers.

As of the moment, what I am focusing on is to continue honing my fundamental knowledge and skills in front-end development and software engineering in general. I am currently exploring more into applying general software engineering best practices(tdd, clean code, refactoring, design patterns, etc.) to supplement my general programming knowledge. I have also started to get back expand my skills in back-end development with NodeJS & Python as well as containerization using Docker.


I started this blog because of three reasons. First. When I started writing my personal journal, I learned that writing helps me think as well as express my thoughts and feelings. Second. When I was given the privilege of leading a front-end team, one of my responsibilities as a team lead is to provide guidance and mentorship to my peers. With that, I realized that I love helping out my peers in anyway that I can. Having a blog can by my platform to help out more people who will come across this blog. Third. I commit myself to constant learning. I learned over the years of working that one way of testing if you uncderstand something is by sharing what you’ve learned.

When I don’t code

When I am away from coding, I spend my time mostly with my family. As far as my hobbies and interests go, I spend a lot of time playing my musical instruments, reading books, playing with our dogs, watching basketball and checking out what’s the hottest thing in technology.


I dedicate this website to my family, friends, colleagues, to everyone who visits this website and most importantly to my Lord, God and Savior, ✝ Jesus Christ!